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Welcome to the Hempstead Bay Sailing Club!

We invite you to browse through our club and area resources.  Members may gain access to more specific club information in the "Members Only" section. This requires a club-issued username and password.

The Hempstead Bay Sailing Club (HBSC) is a non-profit sailing organization located on the south shore of Long Island in Nassau County. We are a small club of dedicated sailors with an emphasis on fun. Our club has remained true to its sailboat-racing heritage while growing and adapting with the membership to include cruising and power boats.

HBSC encourages friendly competition and provides a common bond for members and their families. Membership is affordable and open to anyone with an interest in sailing. See "How to join Hempstead Bay Sailing Club" for more info.



Member Notice!

Sports Bar TV

If you like watching your favorite team play at a local sports bar, here's some good news.  Your home away from home can now offer the same TV viewing experience.  We now have a super large 75" screen TV at one end of the clubhouse and a large 52" screen TV at the other end.  As Billy Crystal used to say, it looks marvelous!